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ABOUT GCM Since 1989, GCM has been a trusted resource for local mobility products and service. GCM customers enjoy working with our team because of our commitment to customer service. Whether you would like to test drive a van, are curious about the build process or need to have your equipment serviced, we are here for you. GCM is committed to understanding our customer’s needs firsthand. At GCM you are not a number in a multinational chain. The advantage of choosing GCM for your mobility needs is our experience. Our store front has been open to the public for 30+ years. GCM staff continually participate in industry training and have a combined 37+ years in the Durable Medical Equipment field of healthcare. You can trust your mobility needs will always be held to the highest industry standard. WHAT WE SPECIALIZE IN WHY CHOOSE US? Over 30 years of experience modifying vehiclesIn house ATP available with chair specific knowledge.Quality ServiceAffordable PricingHassle FreeCompletely backed by our dedicated support staffSupport local small business TESTIMONIALS We wanted to stay local with our custom mobility needs, and we are very glad we did. Steve took the time to speak wit [...]

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.
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